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Patio Pools offers free computerized pool water analysis and provides the necessary chemicals to properly treat your swimming pool. Our full service retail store uses ALEX® an exclusive, revolutionary software that analyzes test results, figures proper treatment and yields product suggestions and instructions. Those instructions then allows our specialists to provide you with detailed treatment instructions and the proper BioGuard chemicals necessary. Our premium, innovative pool and spa care products are differentiated to treat any and all of your pools problems.

The Patio Pools and Bioguard Difference

BioGuard & Patio Pools :

Looking to know more about BioGuard or their products? Click the button and you’ll be taken to our Youtube channel where you can find more BioGuard products as well as hundreds of 3D pool designs.

Retail Store Products:

Balance PAK 200 & Stabilizer 100

Bioguards Balance PAK 200 helps to raise the pH levels in your swimming pool with can make your equipment and generally your pool last longer and function better. As well their Stabilizer 100 prevents residual chlorine loss due to sunlight. Without Stabilizer 100, chlorine quickly dissipates and consumption increases.


BioGuard Pool Tonic is the perfect remedy for any sick pool. This salt compatible, phosphate remover helps prevent phosphate based scale from building up on the salt chlorinator cells, allowing salt systems to work at their optimal level. It also eliminates all rain pollution, pollen, dirt, dust, skin oils, greases, lotions, hair gel, hair spray and pet dander.

SilkGuard Complete

These chlorine tables, with the power of algae killing crystals, help to keep your pool clean and clear of algae. Now with longer lasting tablets that make your pool water softer over time.

Burnout 3

This quick dissolving chlorine solution maintains the brilliant shine of your swimming pool while killing the bacteria inside for a brighter, safer pool.

Smart Shock

From treat to swim in 15 minutes, Bioguards Smart Shock kills bacteria, algae and clarifies
your pool water making it better to look at and swim in.

Algae All 60

This non foaming swimming pool algaecide prevents and eliminates any and all types of algae.


This fast-acting, non chlorine, shock oxidizer destroys contaminates and eliminates odors.
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