Patio Pools has been building custom swimming pools and providing pool services since 1979. Offering customers the ability to customize almost every aspect of their new pool or remodel. We have specialists available to not only walk you through the entire process, but also provide you with 3D renderings of your pool before it’s constructed. Just in case there are a few last minute touches that you would like to add or customize!

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3D AutoCad Rendering

As a customer you are able to view your ideas virtually in 3D before their project is built. This allows you as the customer to get a feel for the finished product before it is actually constructed to let us know if you want to change even one facet of the design!


Custom Features Offered:

Sheer Descents

pool services
pool services

LED Bubblers

pool services

Deck Jets

pool services

Laminar Jets

pool services

LED Lights

pool services

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