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Swimways – Expedition Mask

These swimming masks are great for exploring reefs as well as casual underwater swimming. The easy-adjust head strap provides a soft comfortable fit and the polycarbonate lens is shatter-resistant, making for a comfortable and safe swimming experience.

Pool Jam Combo

This pool side basket ball hoop seems to kick all swimmers into competitive overdrive, and with the adjustable height design everyone can land that game finishing dunk no matter their height.

Pool Master – Day Dreamer Lounge

This easy to inflate pool float is perfect for a day of relaxation, with a convenient right side cup holder for your favorite drink.

SwimLines – Race One and Water Sports Goggles

Made with strong and sturdy silicone the Race One and Water Sports goggles are perfect for the professional swimmer or the causal one. With their comfortable bands they’re perfect for long or competitive swimming.

PoolMaster – Suntanner Mattress

For all-day lounging and full-body reclining this Suntanner Mattress is perfect for summer parties and casual relaxation.


This sturdy volleyball net has a reach of 30′ in diameter making it the perfect length for most if not all in ground pools.

Pressure/Suction Line Cleaners

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