The Patio Pools and BioGuard Difference

Patio Pools offers free computerized pool water analysis and provides the necessary chemicals to properly treat your swimming pool. Our full service retail store uses ALEX® an exclusive, revolutionary software that analyzes test results, figures proper treatment and yields product suggestions and instructions. Those instructions then allows our specialists to provide you with detailed treatment instructions and the proper BioGuard chemicals necessary. Our premium, innovative pool and spa care products are differentiated to treat any and all of your pools problems.

Products and Services:

Free Digital Water Analysis


Come in to our retail store and get your water tested for free by a trained BioGuard specialist. We offer free digital water analysis and instructions to properly care for your pool.

Bioguard Chemical Dealer


Patio Pools maintains itself as a a platinum BioGuard dealer. We carry all of the necessary chemicals to treat and maintain both salt water and traditional chlorine swimming pools/spas. Any problem that you face with your pools water chemistry, we can provide a solution. Come and visit our retail store or give us a call!

The Once-a-Week 3 Step Program


Many of our customers ask how they should be caring for their pool on a regular basis. We recommend that the traditional pool owner follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Sanitize to clean water (Silksticks or Silktablets)
  2. Shock to remove contaminants (Smartshock & Oxysheen)
  3. Algae killing and prevention (Back up 2, Algae All 60, Spot Kill)

Come in today with a water sample and our retail associates will create a regiment designed specifically for your pool/spa!

Water Balancers and Clarifiers


There are certain instances to be aware of while caring for a pool/spa. If your pool is subjected to a large amount of people, rain, or heat. Most likely you will need to balance the water by adjusting the PH and Calcium Hardness of your water. Also you may want to add a clarifier as the heavy use may have caused to water to cloud.

  • Water Balancers (Balance Pak & Lo ‘N Slow)
  • Water Clarifiers (Polysheen Blue & Natural Clarifier)

Get your pool in the perfect shape for the summer!